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Shields School Installs Showers for Students - 1902

I've mentioned Housing Conditions in St. Louis - the report on the St. Louis tenement district published by The Civic League of St. Louis in 1908. This chart appears in the report. Out of 13,223 individuals, 12,728, or 96%, did not have access to a bathtub. The school district came up with a partial solution for the students in 1902. The St Louis Republic  02 Apr 1902, Page 2  SCHOOL CHILDREN MUST BE CLEANLY  In Shields School a Bathroom Has Been Fitted Up for the Benefit of Pupils.  PREVENTS DISEASE SPREADING Superintendent Soldan Claims That the Danger of Contagion Has Been Greatly Reduced by Enforced Bathing.  F. Louis Soldan, Superintendent of Schools, believes that "cleanliness is next to Godliness," and in the Shields school, No. 1119 North Seventh street, baths have been established for the use of the pupils who will be required to bathe at regular intervals during the hot weather.  In the basement of tho school a room about fifty feet long by thirty wide has bee

Foreign Pupils at Shields School - 1903

Below I transcribe a news story that provides a brief bio of 7 primary school students who were born in foreign countries. Their pictures also appeared.   The St. Louis Republic 27 Feb 1903, Page 7 ALIEN PUPILS AT PUBLIC SCHOOLS QUICKLY ACQUIRE AMERICAN WAYS By a Republic Photographer. FOREIGN PUPILS AT SHIELDS SCHOOL In the upper row, reading from left to right, are: Frank Sierawski, Bessie Soltz and William Bascino. Lower row: Rosie Capes, Tillie Buchman, Maggie Pillotzero and Fannie Laveritz. Though born in countries where conditions are cramped for those who tread the humbler walks of life, little sons of Russia, Poland, etc., are quickly expanding intellectually amid the broad possibilities of their new American home. This is entertainingly demonstrated among the many alien pupils at St. Louis public schools and particularly at the Shields School. Their bright faces tell the progress these little ones have made in acquiring the first essential to real American citizenship, n